School's Motto

  • To preserve  India's rich cultural heritage through the ancient classical art form of Bharathanatyam.
  • To instil the values of Guru-Sishya parampara(tradition) of learning the art form by the student.
  • Learning the art form of Bharathanatyam  is purely a divine pursuit and helps the mental and physical well-being of the learner.
  • Bharathanatyam manifests its true beauty through the offering of oneself to god as a humble prayer through the medium of dance.
  • Bharathanatyam is a  great refresher for the body, mind and the soul.
  • Bharathanatyam is an artistic tool to aid  one's own self-discipline.
  • Dance is for the true love of art, a way of life and an art of living.


Contact information -
   Bhuvana Venkatesh , Artistic director
,  Nrithyanivedhan School of dance.
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     Location :  Evergreen, San Jose, CA, USA


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   Class levels -

          Beginner level
          Intermediate level
          Advanced level

Bharathanatyam classes taken at home studio in San Jose (Evergreen area) ,Bay area , CA, USA.


Age-limit : Kids starting from age 5 

Contact through email for class details, fee structure and other information.  

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