"Maadhurya Shauryam"


    A benefit  event held on March 26, 2016 for Maitri.org organized by Nrithyanivedhan School of dance.


     Harshitha Venkatesh is the daughter/disciple of Bhuvana Venkatesh, the artistic director . Harshitha as a young dancer, wanted to combine her love for classical dance and her passion for empowering women to hold a benefit event for Maitri, a non-profit organization in Bayarea (maitri.org - Helping women help themselves) in March of 2016 at Sunnyvale theatre, CA. 

   She put her creative skills to help a cause that would benefit & empower the society! She raised 7000 dollars ( including ticket sales on the day of the event)  for the organization with this benefit event & it was gratifying for her to have made a difference in the community to give back with the art she loves to do!

    Please visit Harshitha's website for further information about her as a dancer at  -   www.harshithav.com

    You can follow Harshitha in Facebook in the following link -https://www.facebook.com/harshithathedancer/


Harshitha with Maitri President Sonia Pelia at Maadhurya Shauryam event giving the funds raised through the benefit event to the non-profit organization.

       Review of the event  " Maadhurya Shauryam "   
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      MAITRI President Sonya Pelia's speech at the " Maadhurya Shauryam" event! 




                        PROMO video of the event - " Maadhurya Shauryam" 




               Benefit event speech for MAITRI at the event - March 26,2016