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Dear All,     

All are invited for a spectacular & colourful dance showcase - 'ABHINAVA-SUNDARA-RASANAM.'

  In the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit , ABHINAVA  means New or Nascent , SUNDARA means Beauty , RASANAM means Appreciation.   Appreciating the nascent beauty of the divine art form of Bharathanatyam through the varied eyes of a learner, a dancer , a choreographer , a Guru and mainly you the Rasikas – the onlookers of all ages!  Beauty and wonder of the art form at the peripheral level and transcending beyond what one can perceive and understand by just mere appreciation.    

    “Kimartham punah punah? “ – is a Sanskrit term we use for questioning as to “Why Again and Again?” What is it in this great artform that we are delighted in catching a glimpse of the same either by just being an onlooker or feeling one with it Again and Again! Is there newness everytime the art is done, what is this newness bringing into us ? Is it the feeling of the one with the divine or the one with that something which is universal in you and me , the newness of that oneness within all!

In appreciating the ART , we appreciate life as well !

In finding the nascent beauty we find that newness in our inner beauty as well!

ABHINAVA–SUNDARA-RASANAM on June 27th at Shirdi Sai Parivaar by the Guru , Bhuvana Venkatesh,Principal dancer - Harshitha Venkatesh and Students of Nrithyanivedhan School of Dance. This event is co-hosted by Yuvabharathi cultural organization in Bayarea. 

                                                                                                         best regards,                                                                                                                       Bhuvana Venkatesh.                                                                                                                 The Artistic Director.