Photographs from the past   - 

      Bhuvana  as 'Bharatha'  as a child 


       Bhuvana  doing the  Shabdham on Lord Rama  at IIM Ahmedabad Dormitory in 1984.

Bhuvana as a 11 year old


Bhuvana doing the Vrischikkakuttitam karanam - 

Bhuvana blessed by the religious singer Sri Pithukuli Murugadas , his wife and  Shri P.S.Manisundaram  of Bharathidasan University. 


     Guru - Prabha mami, Bhuvana, Guest of honours - religious singer Pithukuli Murugadas and his wife, Prof.P.S.Manisundaram , my parents and Bhuvana's brother.

Bhuvana's pose as Lord Krishna at Doordarshan recording studio in Chennai for the 'Valarum Kalaignar'  TV program in 1990 -     


  Bhuvana with Actress Revathi receiving the momento at Bharatham Dance Festival 1991 at Vani Mahal in Chennai, India. 


Bhuvana in the left with co-dancers Kavitha and Sowmya during  Bharatham dance festival in 1991, Vani Mahal, Chennai, India.


Reviews from the past -  -

Local paper reviews of Bhuvana's (also known as  Srimati) dance recital 


  Bhuvana (second from the bottom) - Graceful flowing of river Saraswathi snapshot of Divya Dhara - a college dance production  - The Hindu paper  review - Feb 1994


      Bhuvana at the right most in the paper review below -